Windows Versions

There are two licensing options with FACSIMILE for Windows

1. The File Licensed Version

With this version FACSIMILE is licensed with a file which is stored in the FACSIMILE application folder. FACSIMILE can not be used without an activated license file. The application is delivered with a temporary license file which allows FACSIMILE to operate normally for a few days. During this period you need to apply for a trigger code which will activate the file for the period of your license. If you wish to move FACSIMILE you first obtain another trigger code to deactivate the license before you remove FACSIMILE.
Key Features of this system are

  1. FACSIMILE can only be installed (and licensed) on one computer for each license held.
  2. Careful management of the license file is required when moving or re-installing the software to avoid destroying an activated license file and loosing the license.

2. The Dongle Licensed Version


For a small extra charge, users can remove the need to apply for trigger codes to transfer the license from one machine to another. The license is provided as an electronic token (or dongle) shown above. You can install the FACSIMILE software on an unlimited number of machines. In order to use the software you simply plug the dongle into a USB port on the computer and FACSIMILE is licensed. You will be supplied with a number of dongle's equivalent to your licensed users, you choose which machines are licensed at any given time.